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What Does It Mean When a Dog Eats Grass?

Eating grass is a relatively common behaviour observed in many dogs. 🐶🌿 While it may seem unusual to us humans, eating grass is a natural behaviour for dogs and they have been known to engage in it for various reasons!

Well, as long as the grass they consume is free from pesticides or other harmful substances, and they do not exhibit any signs of illness or discomfort afterwards, occasional grass-eating is generally considered totally normal. 😎

So, why do dogs REALLY eat grass? Let’s find out together!

(Photo via Memphis Veterinary Specialists & Emergency)

It is all natural~

While dogs are descendants of carnivorous animals such as wolves, they have evolved over time and developed omnivorous tendencies. Unlike strict carnivores such as cats, dogs have adapted to consume a wider range of foods including plant material!

One possible reason why dogs eat grass is their instinct to seek out plant material. In the wild, carnivorous animals would occasionally consume plant material such as grasses, fruits, and vegetables. This behaviour served various purposes, including obtaining additional nutrients not found in their prey, aiding digestion and potentially even helping to eliminate parasites from their digestive system.

Well, they need the green! 💚

Dogs may eat grass as a way to supplement their diet with additional fibre or nutrients. Grass contains fibre which is a type of indigestible carbohydrate. Fibre plays an important role in maintaining digestive health by promoting regular bowel movements, aiding in stool formation and preventing constipation. It adds bulk to the stool, helping to regulate the passage of food through the digestive tract.

In addition to fibre, grass may provide dogs with certain vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for their overall health. While the nutrient content of grass is not particularly high compared to other plant foods, it can still contribute some essential nutrients to a dog’s diet.

Sometimes, they are just bored~

Dogs may engage in grass-eating behaviour out of boredom or a need for mental stimulation. If they are not provided with enough physical exercise or mental enrichment, they may resort to eating grass as a way to entertain themselves or alleviate their boredom. (To learn more about enrichment toys for dogs, you should read this article! 🤩)

In the absence of stimulating activities or interaction, dogs may seek out alternative behaviours to occupy their time. Grass-eating can become a learned behaviour or a habit over time. If a dog has found grass consumption pleasurable or satisfying in the past, they may continue engaging in this behaviour as a way to fulfill their need for mental stimulation.


It is important to note that while eating grass is completely normal for dogs, excessive or frequent grass consumption could indicate an underlying issue or health concern.

If your dog excessively eats grass, exhibits signs of distress, or experiences vomiting or other digestive issues, it is recommended to consult with a veterinarian to rule out any potential health problems or dietary deficiencies.

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