How It Came To Be!

My Forever Doggo was born out of the co-founders 

personal experiences with dog adoption.

Collectively, they discovered that all shelters and independent rescuers faced the same issue: low adoption rates, and the lack of resources to dedicate towards adoption.

This is where My Forever Doggo was conceptualised. 



We are a shelter-neutral and free service platform that aims to give every dog their individual chance to shine, regardless of age, colour, breed and size.

We photograph the doggo, edit the image, and post them up on our Instagram platform. Vulcan Post called us the Tinder for Doggos!


For those who come across an image of a doggo that they're interested in adopting, we simply connect them to the respective shelter (or independent rescuers).

Although the adoption process is managed by the respective shelter (or independent rescuer), we follow up on all successful adoptions.