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Who You Should Contact to Adopt a Gorgeous Rescue Dog Today

Are you looking for a loyal companion, someone who provides unconditional love and gives you all their attention? 🐶 Do you know that rescue dogs are just the perfect candidates? YES, they are! ✨ Despite the hardships they may have endured out on the streets, they still have the tremendous capacity to love and form strong bonds with humans!

Adopting a dog is a wonderful decision, but it can be tricky to determine if a breeder is ethical or just in it for the money. With so many lovable rescue dogs needing their very own forever homes, why not skip the breeder altogether and give our four-legged friends, especially our loyal and resilient Malaysian-mix doggos, a second chance at a happy life?

In this case, a better choice will be to adopt a rescue dog from non-profit organisations or independent rescuers who genuinely care about nursing rescue dogs back to health before putting them up for adoption again! 🥰

Here is a list of 8 independent rescuers, non-profit organisations and animal shelters that allow you to adopt gorgeous rescue dogs! (Click to see the IG version!)

1. Voice For Paws

Instagram: @voice_for_paws

Voice For Paws is a non-profit organisation run by a team of like-minded independent rescuers who strive to find a forever home for as many abandoned, neglected animals as they can. They are also constantly sharing new updates on their Instagram page regarding the animals (both doggos and catties 🐶🐱) they have rescued! ❤️

If you would like to meet their rescue animals in person, do reach out to them on Instagram or you can join their adoption drive. 🥳

2. Damansara Perdana Strays Rescue (DP Strays Rescue)

Instagram: @dpstrays

DP Strays Rescue is mainly run by two core independent rescuers (one of them being the amazing Asther Lau) who primarily focus on rescuing the homeless animals in Damansara Perdana. They strive to care, protect, rescue and implement long-term plans for the benefits of the abandoned animals in the area. They are also actively involved in a few trap-neuter-release-manage (TNRM) projects. 👏🏻 You can also learn more about them by watching our Spotlight video!

If you are not ready to adopt yet, they are also constantly looking for fosterers to help care for some of their rescue animals. 🥹 Do take a good look at their Instagram page, you may just find your future buddy there! ❤️

3. My Pets’ Haven

Instagram: @mypetshaven

My Pets’ Haven is a pet adoption centre that aims to rescue needy animals and rehome them. It is mainly run by the wonderful Aunty Aileen and her core volunteers. They rescue, rehome, feed and do trap-neuter-release-manage (TNRM) whenever possible. To date, they have rescued over a thousand homeless animals! 👏🏻

You should definitely visit their website if you are looking for a rescued animal to be your furever buddy! 🌟 If you are unable to adopt but wish to help out, you can always sign up for their volunteer programme. (They need more kind-hearted people like you!) ❤️

4. Ruff Love Malaysia


Ruff Love Malaysia is a group of independent rescuers who save homeless dogs and cats from the streets, nurse them back to health and then put them up for adoption. 🙌🏻 They have a very simple pawpose: to vaccinate, neuter and rehome as many furbabies (both cats and dogs!) as they can. ❤️

Do visit their Instagram page to see some of the furkids that they have rescued! 💕 Don’t be shy 🫣, you can always slide into their DMs if you spot a rescued baby that you are keen to know more about!

5. PetFinder


PetFinder has a cohesive adoption platform that allows you to browse, pick and connect with the rescuers of an animal who you are interested in adopting! 🥳 They also provide assistance to the public and educate people on responsible pet ownership. ❤️

You can always visit their website if you are looking to adopt a rescue animal (both dogs and cats alike!). Through PetFinder, you can also find pictures, videos, and details of the animals that are up for adoption.

6. KL Pooch and Resort and Rescue

Instagram: @klpooch

KL Pooch Resort and Rescue is an animal welfare organisation that rescues, rehomes, feeds and practises trap-neuter-release-manage (TNRM) for homeless doggos. To keep themselves sustainable, KL Pooch Resort and Rescue also provides dog boarding services for clients who want to support their shelter! ❤️ Watch our Spotlight video on Shannon, the founder of this wonderful centre to learn more about her story!

If you are not able to adopt but want to help, please visit their website to learn about their volunteer programme! Do tune in to their Instagram page if you would like to see some gorgeous rescue dogs! 🥰

7. My Stray Rescue

Instagram: @mystrayrescue

My Stray Rescue is a non profit organisation run by Abang Syarul (Click to watch our Spotlight video on him!), a dedicated dog trainer, rescuer and feeder. He often trains dogs by giving them simple commands so it is easier for them to get adopted. 🥹❤️

If you would like to help Abang Syarul, you should visit his Instagram page and drop him a message! If you are a Muslim and not sure where to start, you can always reach out to him and he will be happy to guide you! 💘

8. My Forever Doggo (MFD)

Instagram: @myforeverdoggo

Self-promo time! MFD is a media platform that provides Tinder-like services for potential adopters to connect with available doggos all over Malaysia. Although they are not a shelter, MFD aims to give every dog their individual chance to shine regardless of age, colour, breed and size. 🥰

We are also constantly updating our social media to show off all the dogs who desperately need a home. Therefore, you can always drop a visit to our Instagram page or website to see if there are any puppers that you are interested in!

At the end of the day, we would like to remind all dog lovers to consider adopting from our local independent rescuers before buying from a breeder. There are so many homeless animals who need your love and attention, so please give them a second chance to blossom in life! 🌸 Rescue animals are just like us humans; they too, deserve a safe and loving home. 💜

Hi! Thank you for reading this article. :) Our local rescuers really do need our support, so please reach out to them to see how you can help besides adopting!

If you are considering buying a dog or a cat from a breeder or a pet store, please read our article called Poodles, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians and Many More: Behind Every Cute Purebred Dog is a Puppy Mill. In this article, we shared about the dark side of puppy mills which many may not have known before.

Please don’t hesitate to send us a message on our Instagram or at our email if you know of any breeding mills in Malaysia.

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