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How to Keep Your Pupper Smelling Fresh!

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Your little pooch may be your best furry friend, but that doesn’t keep them from getting the stinkies!

While you can’t stop your dog from getting into muddy adventures, showers and cleaning are the best classic solution to prevent your pupper from being dubbed The Little Stinker. However… constant bathing is admittedly time-consuming and unhealthy for your doggo's fluffy coat, which can make them itch all over. 😢

Not to worry, though! We’ve got your back with these 5 tips on how to keep your pup smelling fresh all day!

1) Good Oral Care

Unfortunately, being irresistibly cute can’t protect your dogs from smelly breath. As a hygiene practice that is commonly forgotten by most pawrents, keeping your pupper’s teeth clean is actually essential to their well-being!

Just like humans, dogs are vulnerable to dental problems like gum disease and wobbly teeth. This can not only cause bad breath, but other long-term health issues such as malnutrition.

Stinky breath can be easily avoided by constantly brushing your dog’s teeth and feeding them dental treats to keep your dog's gums healthy.

Keep in mind to use dental kits made especially for dogs, as human toothpaste may contain xylitol, an ingredient that is potentially life-threatening to puppers. 😥 Toothbrushes for your doggos should also be made from durable, non-toxic materials, so be sure to double-check all ingredients and materials of your products before giving your dog a good brushing!

Getting a little confused with all the dental options? Well, there are two kinds of dog toothbrushes you can get for your pupper: A small finger brush that slips onto your index finger and a dual-headed toothbrush that has a large and small brush option. Longer brushes help to scrub hard-to-reach places like molars, while finger brushes make it easier for pawrents with dogs that don’t like getting their teeth cleaned!

Say goodbye to icky plaque and tartar buildup with some dental care amenities that you can consider –



Dental Treats:

Dental Kits:

2) Brushing

Regular brushing doesn’t just make your dog look like a Paw-shionista, but it also helps remove dead hair and distribute natural oils that keep their fur healthy!

Whether your dog has a long or short coat, grooming them with a clean brush can prevent painful tangles and even help you spot any potential parasites. 😨 We wouldn’t want that on our precious puppers.

When grooming, remember to firmly brush in the direction of your doggo’s hair growth. Applying too much pressure may hurt your dog's skin and cause them to lose fur instead, so remember to be gentle!

3) Showers

Aside from being the most basic hygiene practice, showers can keep your dog free of dirt, fungus, and odors that have clung onto them after an exploration into the outside world.

Although showering once a month would be enough, some dogs may need a bath every few days depending on their fur thickness and sebum production. In order to retain your dog’s natural protective skin oils, the best temperature for showers would be 37 degrees Celsius. Making sure the water isn’t too hot or cold would be sufficient enough, though!

(Psst! Bonus points if your dog loves showers. 🐶 It can help them relax while also being a great bonding time between the both of you. As a wise man once said: happy dog, happy life!)

4) Keep Your Dog's Bedding Clean

Sometimes, a lint roller isn’t enough to keep your dog’s bed clean. While there’s nothing wrong with your dog being a little adventurous, they can sometimes bring in dirt into the house and onto their bed. If left neglected, their sleeping space will soon become a breeding ground for all nasty bacteria and fleas.

Before washing your dog’s bed, remember to vacuum excess dirt or fur from the fabric so that it doesn’t clog your pipes. Then, use a pet-friendly detergent and wash the bedding at a high temperature. You can even place the bed under direct sunlight — the traditional, foolproof way to kill off any remaining bacteria or lingering smells.

5) Wiping Your Dog's Coat With Wipes

If you’re short of time or on a road trip with no hose in sight, wet wipes can serve as a quick and simple alternative to showers.

In order to keep your dog healthy and happy, choose alcohol-free wipes that are gentle and mild enough for everyday use. As most wipes are equipped with natural cleansers and deodorizers that eases the cleansing process of your dog’s coat, it is perfect for outings or quick clean-ups should your pupper get into a messy situation.

Just make sure to avoid their eyes, mouth, and ears as the chemicals might irritate them!

Thanks for reading this far! We hope that this list was helpful to all pawrents looking to keep their puppers happy and healthy~ You can save this article for future reference and share it with fellow doggo owners. 🐕

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