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BUSTED: Top 5 Dog Myths Debunked!

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Our precious doggos may be our besties and soulmates, but sometimes we may misunderstand them due to popular beliefs passed down by other people. :( For example, does eating grass really mean my pooch is sick? Do dogs naturally hate cats 😿?

As pawrents, it is our responsibility to know right from wrong! Read on to bust 5 common dog myths so that we can better understand our precious pupper.

Myth 1: Eating grass means my dog is sick!

Experienced dog owners will be no stranger to the sight of a pupper eating grass, only to vomit shortly after. While it is commonly believed that dogs eat grass to gain nutrients or throw up something nasty they ate behind your back, studies have actually proved that dogs mostly eat grass because… it tastes good.

In fact, grass-eating mostly happens because your pooch simply enjoys the taste of fresh grass, especially when its summer all time round in Malaysia! As long as the grass is not sprayed with harmful pesticides, there is no need for concern when your dog starts grazing. 🌿🌿

However, if your pooch starts eating soils or stones… now that is a different story that might have to involve a veterinarian!

Myth 2: Dogs are colourblind

Although dogs may not be able to experience all the colours of the rainbow in full force like most humans, they can still see colour — just in duller shades of blue, yellow,gray and violet. Matter of fact, their colour detecting capabilities are similar to hoomans with red-green colour blindness!

This is because dogs only have two types of colour-detecting cells in their eyes (a.k.a cones), while humans have three! Although they may not see the world as we do, this actually gives them better night vision and motion detection due to lesser distractions!

Myth 3: My dog is ‘humping’ because it wants to breed

Humping dogs has always caused many awkward situations, especially when you are in public! In fact, humping has ranked first as the dog behaviour that pawrents are most embarrassed by and we totally understand. Sometimes, all we want is for the ground to swallow us whole so that we can escape the strange glances and barely hidden laughter whenever that happens 🥲

However, humping (a.k.a mounting) is usually a sign of dominance, insecurity and excitement! Most of the time, humping has nothing to do with sex, though it might sometimes be the case with younger pups who have yet to be spayed or neutered.

As humping is often an act of domination, you can train your dog’s behaviour by bringing them out for exercise or seeking professional advice so that your pooch can get along better with both other people and doggos that come to visit!

Myth 4: Dogs wag their tails only when they are happy

A fluffy wagging tail may be an adorable sight for all, but unlike popular belief, a tail turned pendulum does not always mean that they are excited or happy.

In fact, tail wagging happens when a dog is emotionally stimulated, which can range from being excited to go for a walk or alertness against a stranger in their house. Although they might not be able to express themselves with smiles or frowns like we do, their body language are all important cues on their current emotional state. So remember to take note of that before petting any pooch that wags their tail at you!

(Psst! Interested in learning more about dog language? Check out [this MFD article] 🐶)

Myth 5: Dogs hate cats

“Dogs hate cats!” is a phrase that is constantly been ingrained into our minds since kindergarten, but it is simply just another myth that was debunked a long time ago!

Dogs and cats are not “natural” enemies, though their behavioural differences and instincts can set them apart. For example, cats are small agile creatures that usually starts running at the sight of a pupper, which can easily lead to a chase turned cat hunt… especially for easily excitable dogs!

While most dogs will do the same for other fast-moving things like balls, squirrels or even bugs — it is important to train your doggo so that they do not accidentally hurt themselves or others! With early interaction and exposure, you will find that dogs and cats can be very good nap buddies!

Thanks for reading this far! We hope that this list was helpful to all pawrents looking to better understand their puppers so that they can live happy and healthy life~ You can save this article for future reference and share it with fellow doggo owners. 🐕

If there are more that we should include or any updates, hit us up at our Instagram or email us at

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