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16 Locally-Made Premium Dog Treats to Buy for Your Doggo

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Looking for nutritious dog treats made locally? Or treats made with natural and organic ingredients? Or are you planning to train your dogs with some treats? If you said YES to any of the above, then this is the PAWFECT article for you!

The dog treats market in Malaysia has been growing rapidly due to the rising demand and higher awareness of dog owners nowadays. It's a great thing surely! However, do you know of these amazing locally made dog treats? Well, now you will! Dive into this article to find out more and possibly purchase some! #SapotLokal

(*We will be continuously adding products/stores we've discovered into this list along the way hence if you don't see your doggo's favourite treat here doesn't mean it's not awesome! We probably just haven't discovered them yet. 😶‍🌫️)

1. Quan Dog Treats


Liver Brownies, Beef Slices, Duck Fillet, Pork Slices, Duck Liver, Pig Heart and Tongue with Parsley, Chews like Pig Ears and Duck Feet as well as a variety of Dog Biscuits!

Contact: WhatsApp: +6017-993 7826

Telegram: @quandogtreats

2. Barkery Oven


Barkery Oven is known for its wheat-free biscuits like the wheat-free Peanut Butter biscuits or the wheat-free Cheesy Carrot Pawfin. Along with those, they sell Pork and Beetroot fudge, natural dehydrated treats, dog food toppers such as peanut butter, "Barkday" cakes and even some pet skincare products!

Contact: +6012-393 5006

3. Gigilily's Pet


Gigilily’s Pet offers many interesting flavours of handcrafted raw dried treats such as the Honey Ginger Treat, Japanese Sweet Potato Treat, Celery Green Apple Treat and many more. You may also be interested in their Duck Feet Chew, Piggy Ear Chew, Whole Anchovy and Tuna Chunk Toppings.

Contact: +6010-932 2943

4. Chef4Dog


Different sizes of salmon tarts and pork & cheese tarts can be found at Chef4Dog’s Facebook shop. Along with this, there's also their Chef4Dog pasta, Beef Liver Jerky and Turmeric Chicken Slices and not forgetting their featured products - the Fresh Breath Chewie and the Carrot Oat Chicken - as well!

Contact: +6017-272 6199

5. Furkids Bytes


Furkids Bytes sells bite-sized treats like the Ocean Fish Skin Sticks, Sweet Potato with Sardines, Anchovies, Shishamo and also Green-lipped Mussels. They also offer Eggshell Powder, Fish Jerky, Pig Liver and Ducky Stripes.

Contact: +6016-652 8053

6. Taffy Barkery


Taffy Barkery sells Porky Ear, Shark Cartilage, Crispy Cod Skin and even Pupcake Mix. They offer all kinds of freeze-dried treats like beef bites, duck breast, lamb nuggets and more!

7. Pledge Care Malaysia


Pledge Care Malaysia offers a wide range of Air-Dried Treats like Duck Gizzard, Beef Liver and Buffalo strips. They also sell Oven-Baked Chicken Recipes, Air-Dried Foods, Appetite Boosters and Home-Cooked Meals like the BokBok Chicken Nom!

Contact: WhatsApp: +6016-389 6700

8. Pawfect Food


You can find all kinds of original and organic treats like Rabbit Jerky, Green Tripe and Flaxseed Pork Strips in their shop! Plus, they sell chews such as the Pork Cartilage and Beef Tendon. Pawfect Food offeres Toppers like Marine Ocean Floss, Pork Bone Broths, and Rabbit Organ Blends.

Contact: +6011-1195 7165

9. Furxury


Furxury features pet treats and cookies that comes in many flavours! They have Parsley Chicken Jerky, Beetroot Pork Jerky, Apple Cinnamon Cookies and Banana Mango Cookies. If you are also looking for daily cooked meals, they offer cooked meals like the Dolly Dory, Beef Bowl and Chicken Little.

Contact: +6011-3778 4778

10. Scrumptious


In Scrumptious’ shop, you can expect to find pork floss and most importantly gluten-free treats like the Gluten-free Oz Carrot Butter Cookies and the Gluten-free Beetroot Coconut Cookies! You can also find diets and stews made from lamb, beef and chicken.

Contact: +6012-3093448

Links: Facebook

11. The Meat Bar


The Meat Bar freeze-dries and moulds pork, duck, buffalo and rabbit organs into bars for easy handling. They also have a Prey Model Raw Training Treats in a slab that can be snapped off easily for individual feeding! Plus, the Meat Bar sells Stix Chews such as Duck Trachea and Goat Pizzles

Contact: +6010-433 2082

12. Champion Bites


A large variety of Air-dried treats such as Salmon Cubes, Chicken Strips, Shishamo, Beetroot Chips and even Air-dried Vegetables and Fruits. Healthy real meals like the Seafood recipe and the Duck recipe. Champion bites also offer vegetable and fruit toppings!

Contact: +6014-504 1168

13. Mam Mam Pet Treats


Mam Mam Pet Treats sells freeze-dried pet treats that range in many flavours. To name them, they have capelin, duck, cod fish, egg yolk, chicken and beef.

14. Doggology


Doggology specialises in selling wild and natural dehydrated treats. On their menu, you can find Pure Meat and Organ Jerkies like Chicken Tenders, Pork Strips and Goat Ball. Next, you can also purchase chews like Chicken Drumsticks, Bully Sticks and Goat Tubes!

Links: Instagram

15. Professor's Food Lab


Professor's Food Lab bakes fresh vegan cookies that are suitable for dogs with meat allergies! The Professor's Vegan Cookie Line consists of the Digestive Cookies, Vege-Power and Mixed Cookies. All these are baked fresh upon order.

16. Furbulous Pet Food


Furbulous prepares natural dehydrated treats and chews. Some treats on their menu are Dehydrated Whole Quail, Pork Jerky, Collagen Duck Feet Chew, and Chewy Duck Head. They also make healthy pet meals namely Porkylicious, Salmon Kisses, Beef it up and more!

Contact: +6012-355 8116

Thanks for reading this far. :) We hope that this list was helpful to all dog owners out there! Save this article for future reference and share it with fellow doggo owners! 🐕

If there are more that we should include or any updates, hit us up at our Instagram or email us at

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