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11 Local Online Stores to Purchase Premium Cooked and Raw Dog Food

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Have a hard time finding time to cook for your dogs? Preparing healthy yet tasty meals for our pups can be time-consuming, especially in this fast-paced world. Don’t worry because we totally get you! And that’s why we present you with this article that encapsulates multiple online stores selling healthy whole meals tailored to your dog's health.

In fact, some of these stores even have subscription services that deliver to your doorstep on a monthly basis so you never have to worry about running out of dog food! How convenient is that?

Let's jump right into it and keep our dog’s tummy happy!

1. Petchef


At Petchef, you can expect to find nutritious high protein recipes such as the Chicken recipe, Buffalo recipe, Beef recipe and more! Petchef also sells healthy treats that come in different flavours like the Beef Lung Treats and Salmon Skin.

Petchef provides subscription plans that Contact: +60 11-3528 5729

are priced based on your dog's weight and Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook

daily meal intake!

2. Dog Food


Ready-made meals are customized based on your dog’s age, weight, allergies and health goals. Diets contain major protein such as Codfish, Seafood, Beef, Chicken and Mutton along with carbohydrates and vegetables.

Dog Food offers daily fresh meals in a One-Time Contact: +6010-325 1138

Purchase or also available in a Monthly Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook

Subscription Plan.

3. Furxury


Furxury offers dog owners nutritional and natural cooked daily meals like the Dolly Dory, Beef Bowl, Chicken Little, Mellow Yellow (Lamb) and Meaty Ball (Pork).

Furxury offers dog owners nutritional and Contact: +6011-37784778

they offer a weekly, bi-weekly and Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook

monthly menu.

4. The Raw Proof


The RAW proof offers customized raw diets for each and every dog! All you need to do is fill up a form and they will tailor a balanced formula that supports critical areas of your dog's health such as their immune system, gut microbiome and their joints.

The RAW Proof can deliver a 30 days Contact: Iris: +6012-2077448

worth of dog food to fulfil your dog's tummy! Links: Instagram, Facebook

Contact them for more info.

5. Woofsome


Woofsome makes homemade and delicious meals for your dogs such as the Healthy Meat Bags that consist of a few options namely French Chicken, Pork Donburi and Fish Poke Bowl. Chicken Bone Broth, Mutton Bone Broth and Salmon Bone Broth are available on their menu as well.

Woofsome has a monthly subscription Contact: +6016-248 3202

plans for dog owners and it comes with Links: Website, Instagram, Facebook

added benefits too.

6. Coco & Joe BARF


Coco & Joe BARF prepare recipes like the Turkey recipe, Fish recipe, Duck recipe and Lamb recipe. They even offer combos like the Golden Combo which consists of beef, quail, mackerel and duck. Another combo is the Premium Rabbit Duck and Mackerel Combo!

Contact: +6012-382 0129

7. Eeppe Pet Kitchen


At Eeppe Pet Kitchen, you can find Coconut Turmeric Rice, Ginger Sesame Oil Rice, Pineapple Rice and more meals!

You can also purchase Chicken Bone Broth, Duck Bone Broth and Anchovies & Kelp Broth!

Contact: +6016-921 0728

8. Naturaw


Naturaw prepares Fresh Raw diets as the name suggests! Pawrents can expect to find Chicken Base Formula and Chunky Beef Formula. Along with that, they also sell supplements for furkids like the Pure Dried Ocean Fish Meal.

Contact: +6017-301 8792

9. Sit & Stay


Sit & Stay sells homemade meals with various proteins like the Quack Quack, Chicken Boo, Moo Moo Cow, Oink Oink and the Lambiekiens!

10. Pet Daddy


Pet Daddy prepares freshly cooked meals

using healthy meats and supplemented with nutrients from grains, fruits and vegetables. Some diets on their menu are the Bella Notte, Minted Lamb Casserole and the Chicken Cluck Cluck

Contact: +6012-3307 000

11. Evo Pets Kitchen


Evo Pets Kitchen prepares fresh home-cooked diets for your dogs! You can order their Chicken Fiesta (Low Carb), Premium Wonder Chicken (Grain Free), Premium Royal Beef (Grain Free) and Beef Bonanza (Low Carb).

Contact: +6016-383 6651

Links: Facebook

Thank you for dropping by this list! We'd highly appreciate it if you could show some love and share this list around. :)

We will be continuously adding stores we've discovered along the way so feel free to DM us on Instagram or email us at

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