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Join our FAM-BAM!

We're always looking to grow our community of volunteers! If you're looking to spare some time to make a difference in the lives of homeless doggos, check out the roles below!


Unleash the changemaker within you

Do you love dogs and are looking for an internship placement that would not only fuel something you're passionate about, but also make a change in the lives of others? 

If your answer is a big YES, then this is for you!

When you intern with us, you'll get to meet many super cute doggos(!), work with a warm team of humans who cares, and ultimately, work towards a better future for the homeless dogs of Malaysia! Let's go!

Drop us an email at! 🐶

Edit an Image, Save A Life

Our doggo images are taken in different locations, based on wherever the doggo is. This also means: many different backgrounds!

MFD editors are truly treasured in the team as they're the ones who ensure that the pictures are standardized to MFD standards!

Translate A Video, Save A Life

As MFD dives into sharing more stories of amazing Malaysians who are making positively impactful waves in the doggo world, we need more hands on deck to help us translate our videos so we can reach even more Malaysians! 

English, Malay, Tamil, Chinese and many more. Just let us know which languages you're able to help us with.

Film A Video, Save A Life

In our digitally-powered world, what enhances the depth of a story? Videos! Every dog has a story to tell, and we're looking for passionate videographers who loves storytelling.


If you love taking videos and love dogs, join us on this journey to film the wonders of man's (and women's) best friends!

Edit A Video, Save A Life

A good video edit can make or break a story. Every video needs a video editor's magic touch!

If making powerful and meaningful videos is something you're drawn towards, join us! Let's tell the world about the dogs in need of a warm home, and to create a better world for them together.

Take a Picture, Save A Life

A picture speaks a thousand words... and in MFD, the difference of a picture could mean a doggo's life in a warm home, or in a shelter. 


If you enjoy taking photos, and want to make a difference in a shelter/rescue doggos life, then this is for you!

Hold a Doggo, Save A Life

This is one of the simplest (yet much needed) way to volunteer! We've experienced how difficult it is to take an image with just 1 Whisperer, as compared to 5 - so every person counts! 

If you would love to spend your time helping the Photographer get that picture perfect shot, this is for you!

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