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Harness vs Collar: Which One is Best for Your Furkid?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

As pawrents, having your pupper next to you during walks is one of the warmest feelings in the world. But sometimes, your doggos might get a little overexcited and cause some trouble (such as eating flowers from the public park ><), which is why a collar and leash are commonly used to keep them safe!

Besides, they come in all sorts of cute colours and patterns, so collars are pretty much a win-win situation, right?

Apparently, not for dog experts. Many of them have found that collars are actually not ideal when it comes to walking dogs🐩🚶‍ In fact, getting a harness is highly recommended.

Let this article tell you why!

Why are collars bad for walking dogs?

While collars are definitely a more convenient and cuter option, it can reduce the airflow of your precious pupper, especially if they have a habit of constantly pulling against their collar during walks.

According to the director of the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, Travis Arndt, such pulling can cause pain in your dog’s neck as it puts pressure on their vertebrae. If your dog already suffers from neck problems, this may accelerate into a collapsing trachea or restricted airways.

No need to fret, though! You can still use a collar if you want to bring your dog on a car drive or a short walk. So remember to keep them clean and snug for your dog’s next mini outing. 🐶

Why harnesses are safer for your excited pupper

Harnesses are recommended for active, walk-loving dogs as it distributes pressure over a larger surface area instead of accumulating on their necks.

There are even no-pull harnesses that direct your hyped up furkids towards you when they start pulling, the fabric causing them to be unable to move forth unless they slow down.

Harnesses are also safer as they fit around your dog's entire body, which can better prevent them from slipping out and running head-on into dangerous situations such as traffic.

According to veterinarian Silke Meerman, the materials used in the harness should be light, well-padded and equipped with reflectors so that your dog can stay safe and comfy, even during late-night adventures!

In a nutshell…

Regardless of whether you prefer a collar or harness, do keep in mind that different dogs have different conditions!

Remember to visit a veterinary clinic near you so that you can get the best advice from professionals that can help keep your pupper as healthy and safe as possible. 🐶


We hope you've found this article to be helpful! If you live within Klang Valley, do check out our article 40 Veterinary Clinics that are Available in Klang Valley for the available veterinary clinics that can keep your dog in tip-top condition. ▼・ᴥ・▼

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