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1. Up to date with Instagram & TikTok feature and trends.

2. Have the technical skills to execute social media ideas:
Professional photography (familiar with a DSLR camera; optional but a plus!)
Good videography skills (using a phone with good camera is great!)
Skillful with graphic & photo editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Canva, etc.)
Skillful with simple video editing software (e.g. Capcut, Adobe software, etc.)

3. Fluent in written and spoken English (Being fluent in Bahasa and other languages would be a plus!)

4. Able to perform copywriting for content's titles, caption, posters and any other collateral.

5. Able to attend shelter/ rescuer photoshoots and any videoshoot whenever necessary (to assist & acquire media).

6. Able to perform independent research, discuss and curate content (researching, scripting, designing and editing) accordingly, for social media alongside Amy to ensure continuous and sufficient supply of content according to the social media calendar.

7. Content creation includes, but is not limited to:
News (source -> script -> edit)
Short / long videos for Reels & TikTok (depending on our social media needs)
Sponsored content
    • Education awareness content
    • Conceptualizing and preparing campaigns
    • Posters (giveaway, contests, festive posters)
IGstories (to engage followers)
Edit / touch up doggo profile photos when needed
    • New content ideas

8. Post daily on TikTok and according to schedule on IG.

9. Identify influencers or individuals in the dog ecosystem to highlight, and schedule interviews with them.

10. Reply to comments and messages on IG, TikTok & FB.

11. Arrange logistics for campaign shoots when needed.

12. Research, brainstorm and design new ideas for MFD merchandise.

13. Mail out merch orders and update database accordingly.

14. Check volunteers' dog profile edits and provide feedback whenever needed.

Email your resume to! 🐶

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